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Why the world needs this game

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How to Play

Players need to have seven Response Cards at the start of each round. The 'selector' chooses a Situation Card and the players discreetly slide their Response Card to them. The 'selector' chooses "the best" card and awards a point. If an NTF Response Card is chosen, it gets a little more interesting. When an NTF card is chosen as "the best" choice, the players have a chance at an additional point by explaining why that card is "not that funny" and often very damaging.

Uncomfortable, awkward and educational

Time-Out Cards

Time-Out Cards—for when things get too heated. Each player starts the game with one card, to use at their discretion for a five-minute halt in game-play to respectfully discuss the situation before tabling it and continuing the game.

This is why we need a time-out card

"Change moves at the speed of empathy."

Jesse Lipscombe

Co-Founder of Not That Funny Gaming Inc. & Founder of #MakeItAwkward

"To flip the script of the words we use, involves challenging old rhetoric, and committing to kindness and compassion."

Chelsea Bree

Co-Founder of Not That Funny Gaming Inc. & Director of Communications for #MakeItAwkward

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People can't stop talking about Not That Funny!

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  • Not That Funny is making headlines

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Not That Funny is making headlines