Below is an overview of each card and its play in the game.

Situation Cards

Situation Cards set the scene, often one sprinkled with micro-aggressive, racist, sexist, ableist, or other harmful language. Though the game deals with some uncomfortable interactions, its purpose is to educate. Almost all of the situations come from real-life situations our team has been involved with in some way.

Response Cards

Response Cards are the reactions each player has to reply or add to any given Situation Card. Our response Cards are a mix of funny, bizarreĀ and sometimes perfect replies to the many awkward and problematic situations we have set up. None of these cards should contain any offensive or harmful language. They are designed to create some levity in a game that can often feel heavy.

Not That Funny (NTF) Cards

An NTF card is a Response Card that is "not that funny. " These responses have been curated from real-life conversations and scenarios and will be familiar to anyone who has dipped their toe into activism. If an NTF card wins a round, a bonus point is up for grabs for the player who can most accurately answer why that response is harmful.

Time-Out Cards

A Time-Out Card can be used when things get too heated. Each player starts the game with one card, and it can be used at their discretion for a five-minute halt in game-play to respectfully discuss the situation before tabling it and continuing the game (use the timer function on your phone).