A minimum of three players are needed to play this game.

The shortest person will start the game as the "selector." After each round, the person to the selector's right will take on that duty—and so on, until the game ends.

Each player should select seven Response Cards to start, and should always have that amount before the start of each round. Each player selects one Time-Out Card at the start of the game, and keeps it handy in case the game gets a little too fiery. 

The selector chooses one Situation Card from the top of the deck at the start of the round, and reads it out loud. Then, each player picks the Response Card they think fits best, and discreetly hands it over to the selector. If a player wants to exchange one or more cards they miss a turn next. 

The selector chooses "the best" Response Card, and that player is awarded one point. If the chosen card is an NTF (Not That Funny) Response Card, another point is up for grabs. All players EXCEPT the player that laid the NTF card can attempt to explain to the selector why the phrase is harmful or problematic. The selector decides which of the explanations is the most accurate, and awards that player a bonus point. If the selector determines that none of the players were able to answer correctly, the player that laid the NTF Response Card will be awarded the extra point.

The best way to keep score is to return the winning Response Card and NTF Response Card to the player that earned the point. That player should keep those cards in a separate side pile. We suggest 10 points to win the game. However, you can choose a higher or lower point goal depending on how long you want to play.

The goal of the game is to become better allies through respectful play and come away without ruining friendships.

Check out these short commercials to see the game in action!